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About Us

This new laboratory service offers economical rumen fermentation profiles of feeds, additives and fermentation modifiers, as well as conventional feed analysis. For more information on analytical services click on “Sample Analysis”.

Rumen fermentation profiling offers producers, feed manufacturers, product developers and researchers a valuable, cost-effective resource. It’s a tool that is much less expensive and faster than cow trials, and can be custom tailored for ala carte or full spectrum analyses.

This program was developed and is administered by pioneers in Continuous Culture Technology.

Researchers Tammy K. Miller Webster, Dr. W.H. Hoover, and West Virginia University Agricultural Experiment Station established “The Rumen Fermentation Profiling Laboratory” in January 2000. They, and the members of the program’s technical committee, each have many years of experience in the conduct, interpretation and application of continuous culture technology. For more information on Rumen Profiling click on “Fermentation Pkgs”.

The laboratory offers a service to farmers and feed representatives on a local and international level in determining the nutrient qualities and adequacy of their feedstuffs.

Staffed primarily by the students, the laboratory performs on an instructional level and provides valuable work experience for students within the Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design.